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Telemetrics’ flexible and reliable pan/tilt robotics, elevating pedestals, rail systems, and intuitive control panels are used by professionals in a variety of vertical markets and creative applications that help users work smarter and more cost effectively. These markets include: Live Studio, to Live Venue, to Legislative, Corporate Boardrooms, Education, Houses of Worship and Surveillance.

Live Studio

Broadcasters and video production companies around the world trust Telemetrics robotics products and remotely controlled systems when deploying new and cost-effective ways of getting the most out of the studio space available. Small studios get that “big” look with a single operator and Telemetrics’ proven automation technology.

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Live Venue

Live sports and entertainment venues are always looking for new ways to augment production values and on-site entertainment with POV shots and alternate camera views to keep audiences in attendance captivated and wanting more. Telemetrics has the right remotely controlled technology, using a single operator, for the job.

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With the public seeking transparency from their governments, Telemetrics offers a variety of remotely controlled camera system that allow regular proceedings and special events to be captured (with a single operator) and delivered live or on-demand all to see. Telemetrics automation technology is also perfectly suited for unmanned applications.

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Multi-national corporations and regional companies all share the need to deliver timely information using audio and video systems that provide the most value for the investment. Telemetrics’ robotics and camera control systems offer a cost-effective alternative in the most secure and reliable way. Telemetrics automation technology is also perfectly suited for boardroom meetings.

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Telemetrics’ camera robotics and control systems allow all types of educational institutions to expand their teaching methods with audio and video support that can be controlled from a central location by a single operator. These proven systems are used for a single classroom or to connect disparate buildings for distance learning applications.

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Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship large and small all share a need to capture their message and distribute it in the most efficient way. Whether it’s on-site image magnification or remote on-demand streaming, Telemetrics’ easy-to-use camera robotic technology and control systems allow a single volunteer operator to manage and capture all types of services.

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The Surveillance industry demands reliability and rugged construction to keep industrial, medical, corporate and other facilities safe and secure. Telemetrics’ remotely controlled camera systems and specialized automation software solutions enable a single operator to keep a close watch over the environments most critical to your operations.

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Either stand-alone or tied into an existing video and audio environment, Telemetrics’ camera robotics and control systems are widely used for educational training activities in the medical field. For many years Telemetrics has assisted a variety of medical teaching and resource-sharing facilities to expand their programs with audio and video support that can be controlled from a central location by a single operator.

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Remote Photography

Sports photographers, news media, documentary shooters and even security facilities all have the need to reliably capture still images from hard to reach vantage points or angles that may not be possible with conventional photography methods. With your mirrorless camera (and most lenses) mounted on a Telemetrics PT-CP-S5 Compact Pan/Tilt head inside a robust weatherproof housing, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

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